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Inspiration Genesis 1:29 & Dr. Sebi

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In The Garden Of Emah



Emah's Garden was birthed out of love. In 1973 the mother of Emah's was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was given a year to live. Mom was a nurse and she had her suspicion. However, we asked the Doctors not to tell her. We knew she would worry . They honored our request. My sister and I went to work researching cures and locating places that were known to have documented proof of resources that would assist in her recovery. We contacted herbal research programs for cancer cures,. 

My sister traveled to many places and visited many countries searching for a cure. Finally, after much work we landed an Herbalist in a very remote area of Mexico she shared herbal remedies and mom was placed on a raw diet and regulated eating regiment. Mom lived an additional eight years.   

Point! When you take care of your body it will take care of you. 

The late Dr. Sebi also has documented proof that eating correctly, and taking care of your system with the right herbs you will live a great long and healthy life. Sea Moss and Bladderwrack and Burdock was one his favorites along with a alkaline lifestyle


Know Your Moss

Chondrus Crispus

Chondrus Crispus commonly called Iris Moss or sea moss from Caribbean Islands . Did you know that carrageen moss, is not true moss? It is a species of red algae which grows abundantly along the rocky parts of the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America.

Sea Moss is naturally grown off a rock which the minerals are pulled from. Sea moss comes; in a variety of colors; in some coastal areas the islanders explain the deeper the dive the deeper and more brilliant the variety of colors.

Typically, the color is 'bleached' during the drying process from the sun. The different colors of sea moss are believed to each have its own unique health benefits.

Boost Immune, Great for thyroid health

Sea Moss has over 92 minerals also packed with Vitamin A, C, and E, plus like zinc, iodine, iron, calcium, potassium, B-complex vitamins, silicon, sodium, sulfur, and more.

Full Spectrum

Full spectrum is a mixture of different hues of Gold, Purple, Yellow and even Green Sea Moss. Multi-Colored.

Emahs Garden is excited to share with you “Our Full Spectrum Sea moss” harvested from the pristine coastal regions of the East Africa or Indian Ocean one of the cleanest oceans in the world free from tactical herbicides. We also purchase our sea moss from the beautiful pristine water of St. Lucia, and Bahamas which is also clean and a purer water for great sea moss.

Gracilaria is genu of red algae found in warm waters throughout the world. Mostly made popular by the Irish population for saving their live during a time of famine. Red algae, or Rhodophyta, are one of the oldest groups of eukaryotic algae. The Rhodophyta also comprises one of the largest phyla of algae, containing over 7,000 currently recognized species with taxonomic revisions ongoing.

Red algae (division Rhodophyte ) about 6000 species of predominantly marine algae, often found attached to shore plants. filled a source of chlorophyll notable for its economic importance as an Agarophyte is a seaweed, as well as its use for humans and many species of shellfish. There are various species with the genus are cultivated in South America, Africa (Indian Ocean) Asia Ocean There are many different types of species of sea moss. However, not all are the best be very careful of the source in which your purchase your moss. Cheap is not always quality.  

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